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MP3Skull had the largest database online and provides free mp3 song downloads. It was totally a free service for everyone on the internet. They held the top ranking position for "mp3 download" , "free mp3 downloads" , "mp3 songs download" search keywords for years. Since the early 2015 they had to change the domains every month due to Google updates and penalties and had a hard fight to hold that rankings. They changed many domain started by then moved to,, and many more others. Then finally RIAA bought Mp3skull to dead with a court case. Now we provide Mp3skull users a legal, safe and better way to search music and download mp3 songs. We use modern and highly advanced search tool to show you most accurate results and mp3 downloads.

Although mp3skull offers great services but it had many drawbacks, for say, there are frequent popups and unnecessary advertisements. And on the other hand we are free from any kind of disturbances during your time on our site. Mp3juices is among one of the best downloading sites. We offer:

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